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The Sentric Accelerator Programme has been formed to enable and support the next generation of songwriters. Each quarter we’re looking for five artists to join us to take part in workshops with industry professionals, sync listening sessions, Q&A’s with established songwriters and continued mentoring.

The aim is to equip songwriters with the tools and knowledge to work towards making music their full-time career.If you would like to submit for the next Accelerator Programme then get started by creating your Sentric account for free below, or if you are already published with us then just log back into your account to begin your submission.




Sentric Music enables artists to collect royalties when their music has been streamed, downloaded, broadcast, used online and played live with their industry-leading publishing deal. When you write a song, you are creating a copyright and as a publisher, it is our job to make sure songwriters are paid the money generated from those copyrights around the world. Sentric allows you to do this from one online account, on a track by track basis.


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Sentric is an awesome thing to sign up to. They made sure I received all the royalties I was owed for my gigs and radio airplay and got me my first syncs on TV. Good people working with good music. Simple.

Kieran Shudall | Circa Waves

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