8th June 2016

10 Tips To Surviving Your First Tour


10 Tips To Surviving Your First Tour June 2016

Heading out on tour? Whether that be nationwide or spreading your wings a bit further across the globe it is always an exciting prospect. Shacking up with a couple of your best friends in a van, travelling around doing what you love and hitting the lash almost every night – everyone’s dream, right?

Well before you get ahead of yourself check out our top 10 tips for surviving a tour!



As trivial as it sounds sleep is your best friend, late nights and early mornings plus lots of travelling is tough going so where possible get some shut eye. Touring and partying is hard work and can take its toll on your body, grab an hour when you’ve finished your shift of driving or maybe say no to the after party and get some extra sleep clocked in.

2. Drink WATER

Nailing 10 Red Stripes a night is all fun and games until you’re feeling under the weather and can’t remember the last time you actually drank some H20. Water is also one of your best friends and staying hydrated will better your chances of not getting ill on a tour which is the last thing you want, especially if you are in a foreign country and medical bills are not purse friendly.



Following on from number 2 and the mention of medical bills if you are travelling abroad in the EU be sure to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) this ‘gives you the right to access state provided healthcare during a temporary stay in another European Economic Area, Country or Switzerland’. Do remember that this card DOES NOT replace your travel insurance but will entitle you to the same care you receive in the UK. You can apply for an EHIC here.


4. Double check, check and check again.

Just because your mate said your flights leaving at 11 and the hotel is booked for four people doesn’t mean this is always correct. If you don’t have a manager travelling with you then allocate a member of the band responsibility for managing the itinerary. Call the hotel to confirm the reservation and check flight times at least 24 hours before travelling, it may seem over cautious but better safe than sorry in these situations.

TOP TIP: Upload your full tour itinerary to Google Docs, Dropbox or Trello so you can access them wherever and whenever. 


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5. Get STUCK IN!

Don’t be apprehensive about taking on other roles. Whether you’ve got a full crew, van driver and manager or if it’s just the band. Look at where you may be of use to other people and don’t be scared to muck in, whether it be driving the van for an hour or helping with loadout its great experience and can help save the pennies on a bigger scale.

TOP TIP: Set out the responsibilities before you leave, so everyone knows what they need to do. It will avoid losing your equipment, and give you more time to meet and greet and share a beer with your fans.


6. Don’t do anything illegal!

The excitement of being on tour can sometimes get the better of you but don’t be a fool. Stay out of trouble and be extra vigilant if you are travelling abroad be aware of other countries laws and regulations. It’s courteous and will prevent your tour coming down like a sack of spuds.


7. KEEP YOUR receiptS.

Stuffy we know but keeping a record of everything you spend on a tour will help when looking at how beneficial the tour has been to you as a band and whether it is feasible to do again.

TOP TIP: Don’t think you will be able to keep hold of all your receipts? Take a picture of each receipt on your phone and sync this to your Dropbox/Google Drive. Wallah no worrying about losing your receipts

8. Learn how to wash on the go.

Sometimes paying for a bed somewhere for a four-hour sleep isn’t worth it when you need to be on the road again, so man up and learn to how to shower in a sink, after all, it’s not that bad and we all know you did worse things at Leeds Festival last year.


9.Look after your equipment.

We recommend that you don’t leave any equipment in a car or van overnight. If you have no other option and have to leave Don’t be careless and leave your new guitar on show in the van. Hide it away and don’t leave yourself open to damage or theft. It will be pretty hard to complete a tour without any instruments.

TIP: Take out insurance, it will cover you against any damage, loss or theft. 

10. Make your gig claims with Sentric

Last but not least, claim your royalties! Remember every gig in a licensed venue generates royalties and after splashing out on a tour any extra income is a plus, so be sure to add all of your tour dates to Sentric as soon as possible!


There you have it, ten of our finest tips to surviving tour. Follow them and it will go a long way to ensuring your trip is a success and hopefully set you up for many more tours in the future!

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