16th June 2016

Six Music Industry Newsletters You Want To land In Your Inbox


Six Music Industry Newsletters You Want To land In Your Inbox June 2016

By @Pursehouse

I was on the old Skype the other day chatting to a manager in America when she asked me a question about if it was OK for her artist to do a cover version on her new EP and what she’d have to do to make sure it was all above board. Seeing the opportunity for a laugh I quipped; “well, if it’s Kraftwerk she can do whatever she wants and she’ll be fine apparently!”

The radio silence which ensued informed me that said manager clearly wasn’t abreast of the current copyright infringement trial Kraftwerk are in the midst of in their native Germany (that’s clearly the only reason she didn’t laugh, because that’s a solid music publishing joke right there), which inspired me to knock this post together today.

It’s pretty fair to say that to increase your chances of success in any industry, you need to know about the rich tapestry of foibles, quirks and idiosyncrasies which make it up. The music business is no different and luckily for us there are plenty of people out there who get up at silly hours in the morning, scan the end of year reports of significant music industry players and tear their hair out when they receive their 10th press release of the day in a PDF format (note – never, ever send a press release as a PDF, they hate that).

Now I’m not suggesting that artists should be clued up to an Oxbridge educated level about all the shenanigans going on in this industry, or set aside six hours a week purely to read the rhetoric that’s been moulded into purple prose regarding the failing business models of various streaming companies, but simply just by reading the bloody headlines they’ll at least know key developments which they can then go research further if it tickled their fancy.

God knows there are some areas of the industry I should be more clued up about, and I have been known to open up a definitive article about the ins and outs of blockchains only to almost instantly drift off into a daydream where I ponder if Blockchain would make a good MC name or if your man 2 Chainz would try and sue.

So basically I’m not preaching, I’m just giving you the links to sign up to these things and then if you can, keep an eye on them, eh? They’re free and they won’t hurt.

So, presenting in alphabetical order, the six free music industry newsletters which you should all go sign up to quick sharp…


CMU (Complete Music Update)

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Platform & Stream

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Mark Mulligan’s Music Industry Blog

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Motive Unknown

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Music Business Worldwide

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Sentric Music Blog

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