29th June 2018

Meet The Artist Ambassador

I’m Chris McIntosh, I’m Artist Ambassador here at Sentric Music.

My role here is to engage directly with artists to help them understand what Sentric does exactly and how Sentric can help them. I’m responsible for bringing onboard new artists and also making sure our existing artists always have a point of contact that they can reach out to who perhaps understands things a little more from their perspective.

I’ve been a musician since 2004, playing and writing songs in 28 Costumes, Hallo…I Love You!, Silent Sleep and my current project, HAARM.

Throughout all of my projects, Sentric have been a stalwart – dealing with all aspects of my royalty collection and successfully syncing many of my songs on BT Sports (for whom we recorded the theme music for their Premier League coverage – via Sentric, obviously), Sky TV, The Grand Tour, Hollyoaks, Made In Chelsea and (strangely) on a Canadian Biscuit advert that ended up being very lucrative and resulted in me being able to continue to record and create music as a sustainable long-term career.

I’ve played on stages of all sizes throughout my career from tiny basement bars in Berlin, to the Radio 1 Big Weekend in 2017 and I’m here to try and use my experience to help you grow your band with the help of Sentric Music.