21st November 2018

The 2019 Guide To Festival Applications

By Shannon Deary

Who has time for DIY? For any performing artists, this blog is going to be your whole world for the next few months. Below you will see a list of any festivals looking for artists to perform with a direct link to apply.

If you’re successful with any of your applications make sure to get in touch and we’ll be happy to share any info on our socials.

If you’re a Festival we’ve not found yet, drop an email to and we’ll make sure to add your details.

Good Luck!!

Just before you start applying for every single festival in a frenzy to get places, please consider these points…

1. Does my music suit this festival?

Please don’t just apply for every festival listed. Look at their websites, check out their previous lineups. If you don’t think your music would suit it, then do not apply for it.

2. Can I get to this festival?

It’s great if a festival offers you a slot, but that’s useless if you can’t get there to play it. Consider your travel options and the potential costs before applying for any long distance opportunities.

3. Can I actually play those dates?

Check the diary, check your band mates diaries. Make sure you are actually free to play that weekend before applying for any festivals. It will save everyone a lot of time.

Good luck with all your applications and we’d love it if you let us know how you got on via our Twitter.

*This list will be continuously updated over the course of the year. If you are a festival that wishes to be added or removed from this list then please contact


Coldsnap Music Festival (CA) – 25th January – 2nd February – (CLOSED)


Jai Thep Festival (TH) – 1st – 3rd February – (CLOSED)


Nannup Festival (AUS) – 1st – 4th March – (CLOSED)

MMB Bucharest Showcase (RM) – 20th – 22nd March – Apply

Treefort Music Fest (USA) – 20th – 24th March – (CLOSED)

Bali Spirit Festival (IDN) -24th – 29th March – Apply

Threshold Festival– 29th – 30th March – Apply


Westway LAB Festival (PT) – 10th – 13th April – Apply

Are You Listening?– 27th April – Apply

Launch Music Festival (USA) – 25th – 28th April – Apply


Liverpool Sound City– 3rd – 5th May – Apply

Live at Leeds– 4th May – Apply

Canadian Music Week (CA) – 6th – 12th May -(CLOSED)

The Great Escape– 9th – 11th May – (CLOSED)

Hanwell Hootie – 11th May – Apply

Focus Wales– 16th – 18th May – (CLOSED)

Joshua Tree Music Festival (USA) – 16th – 19th May – Apply

Strawberry Music Festival (USA) – 23rd – 27th May – Apply

Lechlade Festival– 24th – 26th May – (CLOSED)

Elderflower Fields– 24th – 27th May – Apply

LeeStock Music Festival– 25th – 26th May – Apply

Wychwood Festival– 31st May – 2nd June – Apply


Camden Rocks – 1st – 2nd June – Apply

Sweden Rock (SW) – 5th – 8th June – Apply

Eden Festival– 6th – 9th June – Apply

Big Love Festival– 7th – 9th June – Apply

Omaha Summer Arts Festival (USA) – 7th – 9th June – Apply

Tiny Lights Festival (CA) – 7th – 9th June – Apply

Peak Music Festival (AUS) – 8th – 11th June – Apply

Blue Ox Music Festival (USA)- 13th – 15th June – Apply

Isle of Wight Festival– 13th – 16th June – Apply

Willowman Festival– 14th – 17th June – Apply

MappFest– 15th – 16th June – Apply

Leamington Peace Festival– 15th – 16th June – (CLOSED)

Chester Live – 18th June – Apply

Beacon Festival– 21st – 22nd June – Apply

Sea Sessions (IRE) – 21st – 23rd June – Apply

Ath Fest (USA) – 21st – 24th June – Apply

Boise Music Festival (USA) – 22nd June – Apply

Montreux Jazz Festival (FR) – 28th June – 13th July – (CLOSED)

Glastonbury Festival – 26th – 30th June – (CLOSED)

Leigh Folk Festival – 27th – 30th June – Apply

Common Ground (USA) – 27th – 30th June – Apply


EskFest– 4th – 6th July – Apply

NewtFest– 5th – 6th July – Apply

Glas-Denbury– 5th – 6th July –

Nibley Festival– 5th – 6th July – Apply

Minety Festival– 5th – 7th July – Apply

Tech-Fest– 5th – 9th July – Apply

2000Trees– 11th – 13th July – Apply

NASS Festival – 11th – 14th July – Apply

Beat-Herder – 12th – 14th July – Apply

Folk On The Dock – 12th – 14th July – Apply

Readipop– 12th – 14th July – Apply

TRNSMT– 12th – 14th July – Apply

Shankra Festival (SUI) – 17th – 21st July – Apply

Nozstock– 18th – 21st July – Apply

L FEST– 19th – 22nd July – Apply

Camp Bestival – 25th – 28th July –

Kendal Calling – 25th – 28th July – Apply

Truck Festival– 26th – 28th July – Apply

Lapstock– 27th – 28th July – Apply


Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival– 1st – 3rd August – Apply

Humber Street Sesh – 2nd – 3rd August – Apply

Boardmasters – 7th – 11th August – Apply

ArcTanGent– 15th – 17th August – Apply

Green Man– 15th – 18th August – Apply

Victorious Festival – 23rd – 25th August – Apply

Lindisfarne Festival– 29th August – 1st September – Apply

End Of The Road– 29th August – 1st September – Apply

Barn On The Farm– 30th August – 1st September –

Electric Fields– 30th August – 1st September – Apply


Stogumber Festival – 7th – 9th September – Apply

Illusive Festival – 7th – 10th September – Apply

Waves Vienna (AU) – 26th – 28th September – Apply


Amsterdam Dance Event (NL) – 17th – 21st October – Apply


Subsonic Music (AUS) – 30th November – 2nd December – Apply