12th October 2020

Marc Jones Academy Fund Recipient

Marc Jones is an artist who commands attention.

Possessing a distinctive vocal tone, effortless lyrical depth and uncompromising authenticity,  you’ll find Marc Jones on GRM Daily and will have heard him on BBC 1Xtra airwaves supported by the likes of DJ Target and DJ Ace. With a mission to shift negative preconceptions of rap music and a vision to help uplift urban culture, the Croydon rapper has caught the attention of many, including the fund review team. Check out his interview feature below.

What has the fund contributed to?

The fund has contributed to my slate of singles for this year. It has allowed to me have a more well-rounded campaign with PR and radio plugging which has helped bring more exposure and playlisting with digital service providers like Spotify.

Your top tip for future applicants would be…

Make sure you provide a lot of detail in both what you’ve achieved so far and what you plan to do with the money. Do your research on how much things will cost and display them accurately. It’s also good to show how the money will help you hit short, medium and long-term goals.

Once the funded project is completed, what are the next steps you’re going to take?

With the momentum the funding has given, I’m going to continue to plan for the next 18 months. I’d like to secure a strong sync placement and work towards releasing an album.

What led you to join Sentric?

I had noticed my royalties were not all being collected which was not ideal. I had heard of Sentric at a BBC Introducing event a few years back and looked into joining. I got in touch with the team and shared some of my releases and haven’t looked back since.

What’s been your experience so far?

My experience with the guys at Sentric has been nothing but positive. They’re constantly showing support and interest in what I’m doing which fills me with confidence that they have my best interests at heart. The fund has been a massive help for me, and they’ve made me aware of a number of great sync opportunities.

How have publishing royalties affected your income streams?

Before I joined Sentric I was getting a lot of streams in the US that were not resulting in income. Since joining Sentric they’ve been able to locate these streams and helped me to receive revenue for them.

What are your thoughts on the UK’s music scene at the current time?

The UK Rap scene is the best place the scene has ever been. The ease of access to studios and distribution has meant that artists can be creative with much lower budgets, helping more to break through. The quality of music has greatly improved, and the UK sound is now being replicated around the world.

‘Evel Knievel’ is the latest single from Marc Jones. Listen here.