26th May 2020

Meet The Live Performance Manager

Demystify the world of music publishing by getting to know the Sentric Team! Who we are, what we do, what it’s like to work at Sentric, publishing tips, guilty pleasures and more… Meet Ashleigh Thomas, Live Peformance Manager at Sentric Music.

What is your role within Sentric?

I head up all things live performance! Making sure claims are submitted promptly, and keeping in contact with societies around the world so artists can receive their royalties as quickly as possible.

Rule of thumb for your role or a little know fact?

A live performance can be ANYWHERE! Some examples include boats, rooftops, planes and prisons.

What’s it like to work at Sentric?

It’s interesting to say the least. The staff are hard working but always up for a laugh, and new questions are asked by artists each week, which keeps you on your toes.

What is the most common misconception you’ve come across with regard to the world of music or music publishing?

You have to live in London to be successful in the music industry. The North has a lot to offer too!

What is your song of the moment?

‘Halo’ – Boston Manor.

What is your guilty pleasure tune?

‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – Rick Astley.

Dead or alive, who would you like to perform with on stage the most?

Slipknot – I want my own mask made.