24th August 2017

Music Publishing: A Conclusion

Music Publishing: A Conclusion

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So there you go! Those, my friends who are still with us, are the basics of music publishing. It’s long, it’s dry, it’s complicated, it’s confusing and it’s why Sentric Music exists. I’d say I’m sorry to end this blog post on a plug for our services, but come on, what did you expect me to do really?

Basically, all we do at Sentric Music is add value. If you go and register on our site right now then you’re using the same technology and infrastructure as the platinum awarded songwriters we represent who have sold tens of millions worldwide. Pretty smart that, eh? And it’s free to join. Double win.

I truly hope that was useful. Go follow us over on Twitter @SentricMusic / @Pursehouse and like us on Facebook. If you’ve got any questions at all then call us on 0207 099 5991 and we’ll do our utter utmost to answer them for you.