22nd January 2019

Sentric’s Electronica Highlights

By Oliver Creevy

The next genre in the spotlight is electronica, the perfect music to violently throw yourself around the dancefloor to. The highlighted artists below all make different styles of electronic music, Wookie provides more mellow and slow-paced beats, whereas, Weiss’ tracks tend to be at a higher tempo. So it doesn’t matter what dance music you listen to or make, there’s a place for you at Sentric.

Track :

In Flight – Speakman Sound 

Speakman sound is made up by 2 brothers, Todd and Guy Speakman, from Glastonbury, England.

Track :

Make – Marsh

British DJ Tom Marshall, aka Marsh, first broke onto the scene in 2012 following his debut ‘You’ll Be Fine’. Since then he has a series of releases clocking millions of streams altogether, of those we have a personal favourite, his track ‘Make’ featuring ‘Ellie Shantz’ is a quality tune.

EP :

Figures EP – Wookie

Wookie, as you guessed, is a star wars reference, born Jason Chue, his friends called him Cheuy like Chewbacca. He recently released a new EP titled the ‘Figures EP’, we believe it’s some of his finer work, check it out here.

Personal Profile :


Weiss’ fascination with house music started from an early age, as his mum played lots of Motown and old disco music in the house. But it wasn’t until one of the engineers for Massive Attack came into the bar where he was working that it stopped being a hobby and he started to get professional training in the industry. Now Weiss is a major DJ gaining millions of streams on his hit mix ‘Feel My Needs’.