8th January 2019

Sentric’s Grime Highlights

By Oliver Creevy

Here at Sentric Music, we have artists who make all different types of music falling under every genre and sub-genre you can think of. That’s why we’ve decided to showcase all of the different artists we have here and the different types of music they make on our blog. Kicking it all off is a genre that is as British as the beef in your big mac… (or so they claim). Anyways back to music, grime is first up.


Darcy -Chiedu Oraka 

Chiedu described himself as ‘a rapper from Hull who is hungry for success and won’t stop until he reaches this’ in an interview with M magazine. He certainly has a lot of support in his hometown and beyond, his hunger is apparent in his music.


Chip Off My Shoulder – Saskilla  

Saskilla has been described as the most unique grime artist of a generation and was recruited by Wiley himself to his infamous Grime collective ‘Roll Deep’ at the age of 16.


Red Velvet – Paigey Cakey 

Paigey Cakey has millions of streams on multiple platforms and is a very exciting young talent who has worked with the likes of Geko and Stormzy.

Personal Profile:

Aitch is a fresh young MC who already has millions of streams to his name. You can tell where he’s from as he delivers his witty clever lyrics with a heavy Mancunian accent. His lyrics are very humorous at times and his talent is not going unnoticed as a recent Guardian article has tipped him as an artist “sure to make an impact in the coming year”. He is an artist gaining a lot of support at the moment, and as they say, there’s no grime like the present.