21st March 2021

Just WTF is Music Publishing? A Beginners Guide

By Pursehouse – follow me on Twitter.

Music publishing, to an emerging artist, can be somewhat of a mystery and here at Sentric we’re more than aware of that. Arguably; it’s why we’ve come to exist.

When we launched in 2006 (Sentric Music is essentially a university project which has gotten quite out of hand now) we were learning as we went along, doing things differently and turning the heads of music industry old-schoolers (which we still are to this day I should add). Now, any artist who signs up to our free service is tapping into an infrastructure that includes a team of over 80 people (and counting) with decades of publishing experience to boot.

So I suppose, in theory, that this post could simply read: “WTF is music publishing? Why do you care? You don’t need to worry about that. We do it for you at www.sentricmusic.com. Just click on that, relax, and go back to making wonderful music.”

But that would be a shit blog post. Just because someone out there can do it for you, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be educated about what they’re doing for you. If you’re an emerging artist (or you work with one as a manager/indie label etc.) then I want you to truly understand what music publishing is so you realise the value we’re adding here at Sentric. Because that’s all we do; we add value. And we’re currently adding value to over a million copyrights around the world thanks to our knowledge, technology, infrastructure and network.

In the world of professional procrastination and miniscule attention spans within the inherent TL;DR culture we find ourselves living in these days, this post will be a touch on the lengthy side, but don’t be reticent to dive in when I inform you that you’re about to embark on my six thousand word magnum opus; if you’re serious about making money from your music and turning your passion from a hobby into a career then it’s indisputably worth the investment of your time.

I mean, I probably could have shaved about a thousand words off the word count if I got rid of the whimsy, but what is life without whimsy? For whimsy is truly one of my favourite things, alongside choruses, dark chocolate and goals scored from overhead kicks.

So… WTF is music publishing then, Pursehouse?

Let’s Begin

Part 1 – Music Publishing: An Introduction
Part 2 – I Got PROs In Different Area Codes
Part 3 – What Are Performance Royalties?
Part 4 – What Are Mechanical Royalties?
Part 5 – Publishing Royalties from Streaming
Part 6 – The Wonderful World of Synchronisation
Part 7 – Music Publishing: A Conclusion