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Sentric Music puts artists first, offering the fairest publishing deal in the music industry.

Sentric’s transparent 28-day publishing contract allows artists to keep control of their music and tap into a powerful, international, infrastructure including direct royalty collection and sync services.

Home to over 100,000 artists and writers Sentric Music gives you control to collect your royalties globally from one portal, with no upfront fees. Get started today.

More About DMMP

Digital Music and Media Publishing (DMMP) is one of the UK’s fastest growing independent urban music and film publishing companies, with a vast catalogue of music and film titles, stretching across Pop, Grime, Rap, RnB, Dancehall, AfroBeats and House. DMMP has gained it’s market share and reputation through providing popular music to record labels, charities, fashion brands, communications services, content owners, productions houses and television stations.

To date, DMMP’s catalogue and services have furnished compilations, television series, movie soundtracks and short films for clients such as; Universal Records, Ministry of Sound, The Home Office, La Senza, JD Sports and Adidas.

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Sentric is an awesome thing to sign up to. They made sure I received all the royalties I was owed for my gigs and radio airplay and got me my first syncs on TV. Good people working with good music. Simple.

Kieran Shudall | Circa Waves

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