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Paigey Cakey

Paigey Cakey's mix of swaggering grime and trap has built her a reputation in the London hip-hop scene. The rising grime star was named 'one of the brightest young hopefuls in British hip-hop' by M Magazine and has collaborated with Stormzy, Geko and Atumpan. Her singles have millions of plays on YouTube, with Sentric ensuring that all the royalties are collected as efficiently as possible.

Through Sentric, Paigey landed a bespoke sync opportunity for Superdry which saw her voiceover a custom Fanatix beat for the Advert. Superdry also flew her out to Amsterdam, all expenses paid, to perform a headline set for an event closing party. The creative approach from the client presented a perfect branding opportunity that played to Paigey's strengths and contributed to her growing profile.

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Sentric Artists

Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse is a master of his craft, perfecting his own brand of retro rock 'n' roll recorded in analog. Most recently, the Ofenbach remix of his track 'Katchi' featuring Leon Bridges, landed multiple number one spots across Europe and was placed by Sentric on a worldwide Dolce & Gabbana advert.

His songs are racking up millions of streams and numerous plays on international radio, all whilst the star internationally tours and performs on the likes of Jools Holland and Italy's Rai 1. Throughout, Sentric has been able to collect his royalties direct at source making the process as smooth as possible and landing multiple sync placements on his behalf.

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