26th April 2016

Just Who Are You & What The Hell Can You Do For Me – AIM

Just Who Are You & What The Hell Can You Do For Me – AIM April 2016

Organisation: AIM – Association of Independent Music

Who is it for?: Independent ‘labels”, by which we mean any company with master sound recording rights, whether that be an established independent label with signed artists and a team, or a band aiming to self release their first recordings.

What’s the cost?: £125 per annum, plus 10% of label PPL earnings (deducted at source by PPL)

Who are you & what’s your job?: Marketing & Events Manager. With the help of our Events Assistant Alex Morley, I organise AIM’s year round programme of conferences and networking events that cover all the important areas of making your music and business successful.  We have a conference on the digital music side of things (Music Connected), a conference on sync licensing, a flagship 1-day conference covering all areas of label business (Indie-Con) and a Women in Music Networking Evening, as well as regular meet & greet/Q&A events with key companies such as BBC Radio 1, Pledge Music and so on.  I also organise quarterly socials in London and all over the UK, bringing together labels, artists and music business professionals for networking over great music. The biggest part of my job is organising the annual AIM Independent Music Awards (www.musicindie.com/awards), which shines a spotlight on all the great music released on independents each year.  Finally, I manage AIM’s website and social media accounts.

Why should I join?: So many reasons! AIM will make and save you money, help you to grow your business and make your releases as successful as possible.  Whether it’s the savings we offer on key industry events, the training and networking gained from our own events, the legal advice, the guidance from our team at every step of running your label, the negotiation on members’ behalf with collection societies etc etc – you will be better off by being an AIM member.

I’m in a band & there’s four of us, do we all need to join or is one of us enough?: If you’re self releasing, then your band is effectively a ‘label’. Just join once, under your band name (or come up with a company name). Make sure all of you get added to our mailing list once you have joined though, so everyone gets access to all the information / discounts and offers in our weekly member newsletter.

Who can I talk to if I want to find out more?: Myself (lara@musicindie.com) or our Membership Manager Emmy Buckingham – emmy@musicindie.com / 020 8994 5599.

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