22nd March 2021

Chloe Foy Academy Fund Recipient

Chloe Foy’s unique talent lies in emotionally direct songwriting, creating delicate yet intense atmospheres.

Taking inspiration from classical music as much as wider transatlantic trends in folk and indie, Chloe’s songs comprise of carefully constructed arrangements that delicately compliment her cryptic lyrics. In 2019, Chloe embarked on a successful UK headline tour before touring the EU and US in support of Jesca Hoop. To top off the year she was named in 2019 BBC Introducing “One To Watch” by Radio 3’s Late Junction. Chloe has over 18 million Spotify streams and has received radio support from the likes of NPR Radio’s Bob Boilen and the BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq. Check out Chloe Foy’s interview feature below.

What led you to join Sentric?

I joined because I learnt that I might not be getting the most out of my royalties, and a dedicated company like Sentric can make sure you’re getting all the publishing royalties you are owed. Plus you’re not signing away your rights for years, so it feels very artist friendly.

What’s been your experience so far?

The communication with the team has been great – they’re always very quick to answer any queries. The fact that they have a fund to support artists is great too.

How have publishing royalties affected your income streams?

Royalties are a really great way to boost income as an artist, especially when they’re being fully accounted for, as with Sentric. It means I have more income to go back into my project and invest in future plans.

What musical project has the fund contributed to?

The fund is contributing to the campaign for my debut album. It will help me to make beautiful merch to go alongside the release.

In 2019 you embarked on a successful UK headline tour before touring the EU and US in support of Jesca Hoop. Due to the current restrictions, how have you felt with the transition from live performances to the shift towards livestreams for the meantime?

I’ve found it really hard! Touring has quickly become my favourite part of making music, because you get to travel all over the country, sometimes the world, and connect with new people. Gigs are such life affirming and heart-warming things for me. Not being able to see real live people in the audience is hard, but I have enjoyed being able to live stream and have people from all over the world watching at the same time. Also, it’s been a chance to get creative, for example with the live stream I did last year ‘Live from Abbey House in Wiltshire’ – watch the live stream here.

Your top tip for future applicants would be…

Be really clear about why the fund will help you make crucial next steps, and don’t be shy about your achievements. Be proud to shout about yourself.

Listen to Chloe Foy’s latest single ‘Shining Star’ here.