17th November 2020

Varley Academy Fund Recipient

VARLEY are the Berlin-based alt-pop trio exploring melancholic themes with mesmerising melodies.

Elements of each member are entangled in a partnership that creates Varleys’ transporting sound. You’ll hear Varley on BBC, RTE, Flux FM and Deutschlandfunk Nova radio and find them previously supporting artists such as Miya Folick (US), Bryde (UK), Lotte (DE) and Madeline Juno (DE). Varley have been crafting and collecting new songs behind the scenes and are excited to announce that they are working on their debut full-length-album. Check out Claire-Ann Varley’s interview feature below.

What led you to join Sentric?

I was in London to play a show and was invited to BBC introducing 2018 where I happened to see a talk about Sentric. I was really impressed by how they talked about things like “the fairest deal in the industry” and empowering artists, so I signed up pretty much straight away.

What’s been your experience so far?

It’s been great so far. The team are really lovely and using the platform is super intuitive.

How have publishing royalties affected your income streams?

Publishing royalties can sometimes be a little bit tricky to keep track of, so I am always pleasantly surprised when a substantial amount comes in.

What musical project has the fund contributed to?

The funding has contributed to my band Varley. We were touring earlier this year, so the funding helped to cover some costs and it also allowed us to book a studio to record drums for our upcoming album.

Your top tip for future applicants would be…

I think timing is key – apply when you have an exciting project coming up so that the funding really makes sense.

Claire-Ann, you’re a Dublin-native based in Berlin. How does the scene compare to back home?

Berlin and Dublin both thrive on music and the arts, so in my eyes they are quite similar. I love that both cities have a real busking culture, although I don’t busk myself, but I love walking down Grafton Street in Dublin or strolling around Mauerpark in Berlin and hearing incredible musicians playing. There is something really inspiring about that.

What are the next steps you’re going to take?

We have spent the last few months hermitting in our studio in Berlin creating our debut-full-length album and we are nearing the final stages so there will be lots of new music from Varley in 2020.

‘Just A Girl’ is the latest single from VARLEY. Listen here